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Warm water wash vegetables

Many people believe that vegetables clean, washed up easy. In practice, however, more vegetables, more careful cleaning.Plant in large shed in the growth environment relative intensive, planting who using pesticide of concentration will corresponding to above field; and winter sun less, temperature low, pesticide of natural degradation on will slowed; large shed within by meteorological conditions of effect is small, no wind no rain, pesticide of natural dilution is slow; also, large shed within of plant photosynthesis relative less, is not is absorption of pesticide also will more to residues in vegetable Shang pets boarding.

In addition, it is cold in winter, low water temperatures, more should be removed where possible when you wash vegetables pesticide residue on vegetables. An effective approach is: full immersion of vegetables for more than 20 minutes with warm water and rinse 3 times; you can also use white rice washed dishes, can effectively reduce pesticide residues on vegetables, rice water, preferably the first one or two times; curled leaf vegetables such as lettuce, fully formed leaves after washing; able to peel vegetable peeling to eat.

Winter can't "fire", amount to some cool food "treatment tables and root." Mix vegetables, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, "fire". Mixed fruit salad of watermelon, cantaloupe, pears are also a good choice. In addition, many everyday salad, cucumber, salad of asparagus are heat and reduce internal heat effect.