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Some trouble before maturing

Before you know it, I grew up, in the growth I've experienced the joy of victory, reaches the goal of happy, happy to overcome the difficulties ... In the ups and downs of growth not only happy, of course, it's troubling Claire Hsu.Yes, I grew up and mature, contemplative grows, gradually, I understand the concern for my parents. I began to notice my parents. I wonder why, their heads will be silver, wrinkles on the forehead, hands why skin is so thick.Oh! they got old, every day and night they are ** Dr. When I got up this morning, they'll be gone, and when I fall asleep at night before they come back.

When I encounter difficulties, parents have given me strength, they gave too much too much for me ... I was so naive as to think that wrinkles, on behalf of the youth, now knows, it is a sign of aging, that is, idiot 家居搬屋.

My mother worries that the silver head, forehead wrinkles, ragged meat on hand Champagne...

Dad, MOM, love you have given me too much is too much, you should take it easy. One day in the future, your daughter would make it a piece of blue sky for you!