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It is important to teach children

At two o'clock in the afternoon clock time, the Sun was burning barbecue into the Earth. Seems hot caught on fire on the road, pedestrians became few and far between, the wind does not know already hiding there slumber to.
Out of silence, only endless heat wave flip is constantly rising. At this point, a woman broke the quiet of summer afternoons cheap office furniture.
Woman wearing a black dress, brow lift, face covered in among America, panic. Although silent, but her figure, facial, to see that her heart is not static. Make her forget a woman walking on the street should be aware of their image.
I said to myself; a woman walk, don't know who she is, why bother to figure out her human mind. Women on the road walking back and forth twice, pique and sorrow on his face has not diminished.
Heard not far away, the cries of children being beaten. Hiding in twos and threes stood in the doorway of the home for the summer. Both eyes are looking to the kids crying 新娘化粧課程.
Oh, is this woman in a black dress, and she looked like a riot of the Lions, beat up the children. A well-meaning people pity their children's insurance, standing among women and children, with the body protecting children, persuaded her not to take the baby came out. A lot of people have been standing there advised her: "children have a good time, no more fighting. ”
At this point, the woman was angry, never hear in the persuasion of others words. Anger burst its banks in the chest like flood, flood. Her children call direct to one's head and face back: pumping mouth, arm, kick-ass, hands.
Poor boy cry of pain, panic do not know where to hide, kind man hiding around in circles, angry women ran after the child.
One was supposed to lie downin a woman, one should have a maternal bosom, inclusive child woman, a losing female gentle woman, how do all lost in this moment? Become a crazy wild women.
Children made a unforgivable mistake? Child only six or seven years and done nothing wrong? Learned that the child was from a woman called out without permission. For playing, so call it beaten. Poor kid.
You, a woman, no, a mother, maybe got hurt? Or experiencing emotional waves. Happened to be child come out and play at this point, don't listen to you, you will be unable to drain anger, completely sprinkle it on the children. However, such a small child, how can withstand such abuse, how can we understand the convoluted wave between adults. Boy, she was a poor, containment and care also need parents.
Sailing on the lives of the people, no matter what, go, go bear, big gougoukankan their hold. Never, not to anger to children. Children are innocent.
A six or seven year old child, also it was play time. We'll say, and then two or three years, this boy is busy and learning, interest classes on busy, busy with school this school. As the children grew older, playing time is no. Even if playing, nor do easy, unscrupulous, dedicated to play.
As a mother, how can we force depriving children of their rights. You know, you snapped with a, interrupt your child, the mood of play was concentrated in the mood, this time you lost control hitting, might get in between you and the kids put up a cold wall; you senseless rush to the child's anger, maybe left a shadow in the minds of children, perhaps, from now on, you and the kids will have a distance.
After the woman called the children, took the child's hand, from everybody's surprise and pity in the eyes of walked. I saw the woman blanched, look hard, his eyes full of hate, next to her children in poor flow of tears.
I silently watched the woman to step by walking in the distance, people are also quietly returned to the House, reverted to the heat of the Sun the afternoon quiet out there.
Woman child events, left bad taste in people's heart, this scene is dark, like the hot weather, making people feel very uncomfortable. People want to see those pleasing stories, such as children or walking with his mother and father together, bujinbuman of their steps, they talked and laughed warm images. Make people feel more comfortable 業務頂讓. The unknown woman walked away. Her back is to punish children, this is unknown. If only she would stop and think about it, whether with emotions to hit kids? I hope she can go back at peace with itself and the child good communication, a child being scolded, I hope kids growing up being beaten for the last time.