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Identify the cause swelling of the body

Women's physique is easy to have the edema. In addition of the normal hormone. There are some special hormone which will prevent your body expelling excess water. For example insulin, it could be used to digest sugar, ketone of adrenal cortex. Your kidneys will balance the sodium level in the influent of hormone, and affect expelling excess water. In addition, some prescription drugs such as birth control pills and painkillers would affect the level of inside hormone, and affect expelling water. wastes and toxinsBecause of edema, it causes the discordant property of legs and upper body. When we are going on the metabolism, parts of wastes and toxin will turn into fat, and those are the main reasons of legs edema Turkey real estate.

Take in insufficient calories
If you want to make a low heat weight loss diet, and keep slim body figure. We need to eat food according to the calories calculation. In fact, if the heat is insufficient. You can not expel the excess water outside. Even some will cause the water accumulation, especially when we can not take in 1200 caloriesThailand real estate.

Take in excess salt
There is rich sodium in salt, sodium will prevent our body to expel excess water. Moreover, takin in too much salt will make feel thirsty, and our body will leave excess water. If you are the kind of people who are usually going out to eat, or you usually like heavy food. Then you need to be careful with salt. Because taking in too much salt will cause edema, as well as increase the burden of heart and high blood pressure real estate philippines.