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Eager to fly

Through the playground, is 200 meters from the darkness and loneliness house sale in Thailand. Look up at the sky, no stars. Sat on the floor, do not scruple dirty clothes, by the faint light of distant lights, playing with the mining to the sweet-scented osmanthus. Scent of a grain of rice around the nose less than three seconds, it disappeared in the palm of vague and remote, like my mood gradually ...

Windy, cool, but not here to feel the cold. With open arms, the wind run, wind up from the clothes, to fly, but not catch

Wind swept bare neck, like the chilly water, iced restlessness and anxiety.

Second, the scars of youth buying property in Malaysia

The young, eager to fly, how many times looked out afar, but always firmly locked in invisible chains.

Just been manicured bushes, black and blue. You grabbing a piece of non-yellow leaves, torn debris in a fit of anger. Heart teacher just talked to you, you're a little depressed. However, the thought of that note in the pocket, the corners of your mouth quickly and Yang Kai smile, it is the love letters he wrote to you. Time, your long hair fluttering in the wind, the bowed head, sort of charming, and I suddenly felt like a flower blooming bloom. Look at their heart some ugly duckling jealousy sprouted.

Cenji campus this a pair of capturing images of the beauty. You say you are not afraid of pointing, as long as they can with him. Watching your brilliant, I say, bless you. I hear love in prayer, happiness is written above surface mottled walls. But, when the wind ear, osmanthus rain under, but he lowered his head. The loneliness eventually occupy the deserted scene.

The Huanghua points drunk clothing, Yela full line track.

Third, the oath and Lies

The osmanthus gradually fades.

Yeliangrushui me to say to you.

But you smile, your heart, fire, enough to start a prairie fire.

You like a butterfly, on the campus with impunity limp walk disregard everything.

You say that the oath is a lie, and only time will not lie. So you only care to have, does not last forever.

The facial features of lonely, I'm dazzled yet? You twinkling of an eye the smile, I rubbed his highly myopic eyes ...

Time flies, how long have you and I never had contact.

Those vows lies dissipated, the time to speak the truth yet?

You speechless, I am silent, the youth was really no.

Fourth, the nightmare

Tintin, I'm gone. Remember to think I am. I remember every autumn to go to school to get some sweet-scented osmanthus me. You faint sigh.

Blacked out skull you said what nonsense? I'm chasing you back, eagerly cried.

You turned, I saw you slightly at the chin, in the moonlight in the sky, my eyes feel some wet.

It is time to go. You say. You come back no longer see me, that spare body too thin so I'm afraid.

I held out my hand to grasp ... seize what? A dry bones? ! The heart of a cold, has not your shadow real estate property for sale in the Philippines. Is a bad omen. Eyelids jump powerful. , Far

Far, far away ... Who is crying?

The dare open the window the afraid of waking CHUNLEI.

I cut the years you look like between heart embroidery.

Lengthy wisp of incense, dream memories removed.