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The story of life is very long

What is life, I think everyone should understand life, living in the US, my life with every one of us is it right? Can follow up?
Where to start, the story is very long, since we graduated from the start, my boyfriend and I knew in high school and University, on the left, one in Beijing, one in Tianjin, basically every month he will come to Beijing to see me again, whenever you come back to me the mood is super happy, and every time I leave my heart is sometimes lost, how many times we do not know in the station before parting, I am really afraid of parting, that's when I own the most vulnerable, each are used to cry to release their own heart to give up, so the experience our three years of College life ... ...
After graduation, we just went to work, he is one of the crew, always in the sea, if the ship to shore they will not enter the land, can only stay in the ship, the day I do not know how, don't know he is it right? Can stand, but every time he told me very good.
Now he went abroad, we have a long time no contact, a mobile phone is always off, there has been no signal, so we have no contact for a long time, I really miss him, others looked at the others I really envy, I is really very worried about him now, this time do not know how long is the head, I am really afraid of that day of, but do not know why God wants us to this, I found the more I afraid of what life, heaven is more to fix me what life, feel life is really difficult, we struggle like this is really very difficult.