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Crazy love

"I want to ask you dare, said that, as you love me? Want to ask you dare, like me Weiaichikuang" In this case, perhaps with Daiyu more appropriate. Lin sister of the immortality of the Once upon a purple line, by the grace of God Ying waiter watering lower bound would also like to (in this case, I've got a little confused, the gem not NvWaBuTian a stone went to the rest of the human seen a? Why is God Ying pending?) Her tears particularly special. Tears, performance under the gem of love, the feeling of no fixed abode, even if the gem is worth of a vow, if she died I went to become a monk ", she is still apprehensive, in fact, her biggest heart from competitors Baochai Hong Kong dba. Smart the Daiyu know, gem love her, and she also loved gem, but at the same time, she also know that Jia's would not let her and the Jewel married, even if her heart the most sensible place to clear to know this, but she also has lost and fantasy, she felt that maybe things would not be so bad, perhaps relying on Grandmother Jia favor of their own, the Jia family will open in vain side, let their lovers to get married. However, the Jia family is not the case, knowing that, if marries another gem that others will want to Daiyu life, they are at the expense of her is to fulfill their own so-called Jia's the lifeblood. Deception and self-deception, Daiyu dead and living to live and die, finally shouted "Gem in the Baoyu marriage settled, wedding night, hello ......" swallowed their anger felt pain died. In the end she trying to say? Gem, you Haohen to heart? Hello let me down? You look out for themselves? Hello unfeeling? Or did you have a good life, you live well, you treat treasure sister, you have a good treat yourself? I think that such a moment, the two emotions are some, love and hate intertwined strongly wound in the heart of her is, the more cut, hate deeper, in the end, can only go to waste, said can not tell, Road, Road, unknown, true love, is it can say where the road out of you? Alas, poor world lovestruck woman Acupuncture ......

Many years ago, I have seen no less than five Dream of Red Mansions, but always can not enter the plot, feeling gem too love of her is stingy, Baochai too stable and not a character is my favorite. Not stand idly by, saw a Yu wrote the article, said to understand human nature and love, it is best to see the Dream of Red Mansions, coupled with a friend highly recommended I see, but also want to chat with me, so bite the bullet, and then Look. Unexpectedly, this time to see really much better than before, although are not able to understand, not fully read it to understand, but at least have some mixed feelings, a little small gains. Her is stingy, eccentric, but very talented, a sentimentalist, the character is not perfect, is the flesh and blood, life. In fact, every glance retired, the more I own and discussed stingy, with her is much worse? Just before her is so talented, affectionate appearance, the more valuable is her is love, dedication and crazy, no one can be compared. The favorite Daiyu image, the Dutch hoe on his shoulders, hanging bag, to collect falling funeral flowers. Flowers like people, people like flowers, flower easy to open easy to fall, easy the old dead beautiful face, such as that flowers Immediately the drift down. Very fine deep in her is of the heart, she can not bear to watch the brilliant fall into the sewage flow into the bone, and are willing to let falling to keep itself pure and noble, clean collection in sachets, to build a flower, flower soul rest in peace . However, "Nong this funeral flower people laugh at my folly, who is buried in Shannon know?" Late spring stray gradually drop, that is, the roots die of old age once the spring to do the roots of old, flowers and death of people I do not know! " , Whispering death of people I do not know, who ever exceptions?